Hungry Caterpillar Ring | Turquoise | Made to order


Hungry caterpillar ring // made to order

  • wide band, full 3/4" (or narrower upon request)
  • genuine 6mm turquoise stone, asymmetrically set
  • sterling silver, handcrafted with real leaf texture
  • lightly oxidized for detail contrast
  • Made to order in your size (Please add ~1/2 size for wide band sizing)

 For the one who knows the grace of regeneration. A celebration of the broken perfection, the bigger story, the trials that change us and grow us and tear holes in us so big that we learn we are not left on our own. We are made to be reliant as well as resilient. We even find rest here. We are not forsaken. This is for the warrior woman with new eyes and a soft heart. She sees redemption in full supply tucked inside a world flush with seasons and cycles and miraculous metamorphoses.

Inspiration/Why hungry caterpillar?

Did you know that a tree can suffer almost total defoliation from hungry caterpillars and then re-foliate just weeks after what appears to be complete destruction on the heels of a barren winter? New leaf shoots regenerate as swollen bellied caterpillars hang ornamental from branches laced in silken thread. How redemptive! I witnessed this firsthand and was so struck by the beauty of this ecology that it left a mark in my mind and I wanted to flesh it out into sterling. For if a tree is made to withstand such near destruction, surely so are we!

~ Pairs beautifully with the Turquoise | Husk Necklace ~


Customer Reviews

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Lynn Cameron

An absolute stunner. Fit perfect. So unique and beautifully detailed. My new favorite piece.