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Exclusive, in person, experience by appointment for customers near me in Richmond, VA +/or find me at a local event or pop-up.


+ Home-parties, corporate/private events, bridal showers/bachelorette parties, etc. Contact me below for details, availability, & requirements. 


What is it?
Don't let the name scare you. It is essentially clasp-less jewelry in the form of minimal fine chains, custom fit and made for you by a jewelry professional. It is measured to suit your individual wrist, ankle, finger, neck and professionally micro- welded in place for delightfully minimal and effortless wear. Currently offering bracelets, anklets, necklaces & rings.
Why is it popular?

Permanent jewelry is not only a fun and minimalist way to stay fashionable and enjoy waking up without having to think about what to put on, it is also perfect for marking occasions with your BFF, gal-pal group, partner or family members (see age requirements below). 

But, does it hurt?
Nope! The micro welder never touches your skin, but even if it did it wouldn't hurt. It produces a small flash to fuse the metal link but no heat is transferred. And despite being safe to use against skin, a leather strip will be used as a skin barrier for your own peace of mind. Additionally, goggles are provided to protect your eyes from the bright weld flash. 
How Permanent is it?
As "permanent" as you'd like. These chains are easy to cut off at the weld joint or along the chain with a sharp pair of scissors or pliers at your convenience, should you chose to remove it. 
Additionally, items can be re-welded on you for a small fee if needed and this fee will be waived if you need to remove for a medical procedure (ex: MRI). 
How long does the appointment take? 
An individual welding session is 15-20 mins. Please allocate this amount of time for each member in your party when booking with me. 
Can I book an individual/couple/bff appointment?
You can book an appointment online using the form below.
Accepting appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2-7pm. Drop you name and at lease one day that works for you in the form as well as home many are in your party.  
How can I find you at an event?
Richmond locals can find me on select dates in Richmond VA at the Bryan Park Farmers Market (please note dates in my event page) and see other pop-up opportunities here.  
What materials do you offer?
Currently offering Sterling Silver, 14K goldfill and 14K Gold. 
How much does it cost?
Silver options start around $55 / 14K Goldfill options start around $65 / solid 14K Gold options start around $125. 
Can I go through Airport security?
Yes. The beauty of such dainty chains + precious metals of sterling silver, 14K goldfill, and 14K gold is that they do not set off metal detectors and thus safe to take through airport security.  
How do I care for it?
Chains will stay on with normal wear; however, as with any jewelry, care should be taken to ensure longest wear. It would be extremely rare for your chain to fall off. Apart from a hard snag, this shouldn't happen. 
If something does break within 10 days of wear, save your chain and I will re-weld your piece back on for free. Additional care tips and tricks will be provided at your appointment. I am not responsible if your piece is broken or lost past 10 days of your original weld date. However, I can re-weld pieces for a small fee past this date if you save the chain. 
But, how many is too many?
Great Question! These are just SO fun to stack and all the different textures really shine in contrast to each other.  I definitely recommend a stack! However, I also recommend limiting yourself to 5- 6 fine chains for safety from snags and overall minimalistic comfort.   
Do you have an age requirement?
Im currently offering this service to anyone 18yrs or older and willing to consider 16yr old with parent/guardian present and a signature of consent. 
Is there a return policy on Permanent Jewelry? 
Given the custom nature of each piece individually measured to fit you, there are no returns on these items. All sales are final.
 How do I book a home-party or private/corporate event with you?
Just fill out the form below and let me know when your event is (if already known).  I will reply with my availability as soon as possible. 


Request a Permanent Jewelry Appointment

My Location: North Chesterfield VA, just 12 miles south of Richmond. (Address provided via e-mail)

- current appointment slots on Tues/Thurs between 2-7pm

Your location: Willing to travel to private home parties & events within 1 hour of Richmond, VA. (12 person minimum)