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Hello, Im Hillary.  
I am the owner and artist behind cameraSHY cove. 
I look for things that are a bit "cameraSHY," and by that I mean, things often overlooked, things that require careful observation and incite a depth of wonder and marvel contrary to their scale.
Thus, I hunt for hidden beauty. 
I look to be captured by the smallest details of nature that give sense to a bigger scope of life, in both it's resilient strength & beautiful frailty.
THREE current collections :
  • Photography collection is an exploration of macro photography textures and natural elements. Whimsically shrunk instead of enlarged per tradition, my original photography is utilized like stones with nuances of color, texture and pattern for a simply charming and contemporary collection with a backbone of high quality materials. 


  • Crushed stone collection explores riverbed topography and terrain and hidden treasures beneath water and soil + the geode crystalline structures often found nearby.  Utilizing hand crushed organics and gemstones fused along sterling surfaces, this is a rugged yet feminine collection to love.
  • Kinetic collection finds unique beauty in natural + industrial aesthetics. Rugged rough cut stones and organics spin on varying axes for slightly flirty and fun wearable pieces that make slight music against the ears or can be delicately rolled between fingers while worn. A new favorite. 

I believe in making jewelry for everyday occassions.

I believe in sustainable practices, good craftsmanship, and solid materials.

My work is dainty and feminine while rugged in aesthetic and charm.