Finding beauty in shy places

A celebration of the tiny details that hide - not asking for your attention - and yet, are so worthy of it.

I am the owner and artist behind cameraSHY cove. 

As a former biologist, my collection expresses a deep appreciation of the natural world into metal. I look for things that are a bit "cameraSHY," and by that I mean, things often overlooked, things that require careful observation and incite a depth of wonder and marvel contrary to their scale.
Thus, I hunt for hidden beauty. 
I aim to be captured by the smallest details of nature that give sense to a bigger scope of life, in both it's resilient strength & beautiful frailty.
My work is dainty and feminine while rugged in aesthetic and charm.

I believe in making jewelry for everyday occassions.

I have been a metalsmith for over a decade and believe in sustainable practices, good craftsmanship, and solid materials.

Thank you so much for browsing into my online shop. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about a product or order. 


Juicy Tidbits
  • Passionate about a good playlist
  • A weakness for pottery and textiles  
  • Favorite Treat : Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Thai Bubble Tea
  • Cats or Dogs? Both. But, cats is the real answer.
  • Loves to learn new things, hates to be terrible at them. 
  • Afraid of:  large spiders, fish entrees, and anything Kardashian 
  • Mountainside or Seaside?   the sea. always. 
  • Toxic Trait : strong desire to domesticate essentially any woodland critter (don't worry, just a daydream).